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Highest Heights Tutoring

Highest Heights Tutoring

Family owned and operated since 2011


                             Highest Heights Tutoring - Tutoring Tucson!

My name is Betsy Shader. I am a credentialed, experienced teacher/administrator of 36 years. I originally opened Highest Heights Tutoring in California, in October 2011. Since that time, I have served many children and families. It has been a great joy and honor to work with such wonderful people.

In June 2014, we moved to Tucson, AZ, to be with our children. Both our son and daughter are University of Arizona graduates, and are Special Education teachers.  My son provides tutoring in upper level Math for our business. I have continued to serve my students from California, over Skype.

I am currently offering online tutoring for many students in the Tucson area.  Although we are not in the same room, my students and I have great relationships. Parents and students often come by our home in North Ranch to pick up the materials I set up for my students. Each student receives personalized learning units that are designed specifically for them. The students and parents also come by to pick up holiday treats, etc. We have a lot of old-fashioned fun!

All tutoring is by appointment only. (I have fingerprint clearance in Arizona.)

Whether your child: has special needs, is gifted, needs support getting organized, is in need of help with projects, homework, or papers, I can help him/her. It is my belief that every child can learn. I will meet your child where he/she is academically, and move your child as far forward as I can. There is no greater success than to help a child gain confidence in himself/herself. It is always my pleasure to help my students become their personal best.

If you are interested in tutoring for your special needs student, your gifted student, or private tutoring for your student, with a credentialed/experienced teacher, please call:

Betsy Shader (520)797-3170

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